Seller: Cathy
State: Arkansas
City: Portland
Zip code: 97225
Type: Animals

I am seeking a good home for my 8 yo fe Jack Russell, named ?Rose.? I got Rose 3 yrs ago from a breeder. She was, for the most part, neglected most of the time & left alone with other Jack Russells; so, when she came to me, she was very fearful of strangers and new surroundings. However, Rose has come a long way since then! She loves to sit on laps, go for walks & be your best friend/shadow. She also gets along well with other dogs & cats. If she knows a cat belongs to a home, she has no problem. I?ve been very fortunate to have Rose in my life. She?s a very good dog. Also, Rose needs to be in a home where she can bark for a bit when you leave. She prefers to be with someone rather than being alone. When left alone, Rose will potty on a ?potty pad? or news paper; otherwise, she is trained to go outside. I am moving into a very small apartment which is not suitable for Rose or any other dog; and I will be traveling some. So, I need to find a person (or persons) who is/are home most of the time & would enjoy a sweet, adorable companion. Likewise, she would do well with a couple or family. I am NOT asking for money, however, I would request that you have Rose vaccinated since she is due for her shots. Also, she is due for a check-up & teeth cleaning. When I got Rose, I had her spayed & she had her teeth cleaned, with one back tooth extracted as well. For a Jack Russell, she is very mellow. She gets super excited when you come home, however. Rose also enjoys the companionship of playing with another dog in the house or yard. If you think you might be interested, please contact me ASAP, as I am moving soon. Thank you, Cathy ? 541-391-